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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Healthy Relationships

     There are so many things that go into a healthy relationship, but there are some things that are more important than others. I am going to list my top ten qualities of a healthy relationship and go in depth a little on what is included in these and what it takes to achieve them. In my mind, if your relationship has all of these, it will last.
     1. Balance: This can be defined in many ways and they all apply here. This applies to a healthy balance of time spent together and time spent away, or even a balanced diet amongst the two. Staying fit together is a good way to bond, and giving the other time to be on their own is healthy as well. It is important to know boundaries, otherwise conflicts will occur.
     2. Confidence: For a relationship to be successful, each partner must be confident in themselves, but more importantly they must be confident in the relationship. If one party is constantly worried that the other will leave or cheat on them, they become overbearing and their lack of confidence can become annoying to the other.
     3. Independence: It is important to be independent for the same reasons listed in number one, as well as many others. You can not rely on someone else for your happiness or success in life. If you must have your significant other around to be happy, you will have a sad life. Codependency is dysfunctional. Don't be needy.
     4. Communication: Obviously communication is key. If you have not already made this priority in your relationship, it must be pretty messed up. I could not imagine a relationship becoming serious without talking about things. You must establish a system. Know how to relate with your partner and everything will be easier.
     5. Emotional Openness: This is defined by being able to share emotions as well as being honest. If you do not feel comfortable showing your true emotions in front of your partner, chances are they are not the one for you. It is important to be able to be open to your partner's emotional side as well. It is extremely critical to be able to empathize with your partner's feelings as well as be understanding of things they may say or do to an extent. This will open up your relationship to a whole new level.
     6. Attraction: Attraction is very important. For a relationship to be successful there must be physical attraction on top of the emotional attraction. Without a sex life, a relationship can never reach the truly intimate level.
     7. Unconditional Love: This is not your every day, run of the mill type of love. This is so much more and on a much deeper level. Unconditional means no matter what, without condition. To love someone unconditionally is to love them despite their flaws and imperfections and accept them as they are. This honestly is the true key to a successful relationship.
     8. Inspiration: While you do not want to rely on the other person for everything, you do want them to inspire you to be a better person and to be the bulk of your happiness. You want them to inspire you to do the things you love whether it is with or without you. That is true love.
     9. Flexible: When I say this, I do not mean gymnast type of flexible...although that can be good as well! Haha. I am talking about being non-resistant to change. Life is unpredictable and you do not want someone who will walk out on the last second because something in your plan went wrong.
     10. Sense of Humor: It is very important to laugh together. Spend your time together happy rather than fighting. Find someone who can make you laugh at the littlest things and no matter what kind of mood you are in. Laughing makes the heart grow fonder is what I always say.
     Now that I have listed my top 10, feel free to comment with any others you want to add or even post your own top 10 in the comments. Don't forget to join blogger and follow me!

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